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Finding a Home for A.I.

We know these are the dog days of August when there is little NBA news, but suggesting that the Nets take a chance on Allen Iverson?  

Fran Blinebury of lists New Jersey as one of five possible landing spots for Iverson who after 14 years on the circuit can't find a home.  Blinebury believes Iverson would give the Nets' star power: "Why not give the fans a reason to drive a few extra exits down the turnpike to Newark to watch Iverson try to turn back the clock and work his old magic?"

Why not?!?  We could list a lot of reasons--and get our dander up about the Nets not needing retreads.  But instead, we'll just note something Blinebury didn't-- the the man who'd decide whether to hire A.I. is named Billy King.  'Nuff said.