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Yormark: Prokhorov Has "Redefined" Nets Culture, Given It "Swagger"

Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment
Brooklyn Sports & Entertainment

In an interview with FOX Sports, Brett Yormark says Mikhail Prokhorov has "redefined" the franchise's culture, refusing to accept anything but the best.  By wanting to win and develop a global culture, the Russian billionaire has given the organization a "swagger", adding that people don't even talk about the team's 12-70 record anymore.

Yormark also talked to Rick Horrow about the "winning DNA" Avery Johnson and Billy King have brought the team.

Yormark says he's spending half his day on Brooklyn and calls retaining Barclays as arena sponsor through various delays the greatest accomplishment of his career. He adds if Barclays had pulled out, "we wouldn't be here today."

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