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Hoop Dreams...Scenarios for a 'Melo Trade

It's rare that a blogger's trade scenario looks anything like the final version.  There are just too many variables that fans are unaware of. 

But that hasn't stopped them from trying to divine what the Nuggets would want from various suitors, including the Nets, for Carmelo Anthony.

The bottom line appears to be the Rockets and Nets have the most to offer, but that "most" may not be what Daryl Morey and Billy King will offer whoever is running the Nuggets whenever owner Stan Kroenke gets around to hiring a GM.  Meanwhile, his teammate Chauncey Billups insists Anthony isn't itching to leave Denver, either. "He has not once said he didn't want to be a Nugget," (One error in the HoopsWorld analysis: The Nets don't have the Warriors lottery protected pick in 2011.  They have the Warriors' pick, protected 1-7, in 2012 and Golden State's second rounder next year.)