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Russian Invasion Fizzles

The Russians are NOT least not the Russian players.

Viktor Khryapa said Monday he will stay in Russia for the next two years, re-signing with CSKA Moscow.  Khryapa is a one-time Nets draft pick who was first team All-Euroleague and the continent's best defender last season. The 6'9" PF  was seen as a likely candidate to join the Nets last fall when Mikhail Prokhorov said he hoped his ownership would give countrymen NBA opportunities. Khryapa told the Russian press he had "a few NBA offers", but didn't want to ride the bench. With Khryapa staying home, the likelihood of any Russian players making the Nets roster seem slim.

Also, the Russian hoops executive who was rumored to be joining the Nets front office appears to be staying home.  Andrei Vatutin, CSKA's president, has even taken on new duties as commissioner of the Russian basketball league.  Still, Dmitry Razumov, Prokhorov's CEO, has become the equivalent of deputy owner.  Billy King has said he must get Razumov's approval on all Nets transactions.