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Zoubek Has the Incentives, Now Needs the Adjustments

Brian Zoubek, who played high school ball in Haddonfield, would be the 14th New Jersey native to play with the Nets.  That's just one incentive for him to make the team, on top of not being drafted after most mocks had him going between #38 and #55. (Another might be to win at the NBA level after going 110-10 in high school and 115-29 at Duke.)

In a summer league interview posted this weekend, Zoubek talked about his big challenges: the speed and physicality of the pro game as well as rule changes: "For me, not being able to sit back in that lane backing my guys up is a bit difficult.  Once I get used to it, it will be good because it will force me to move around a little bit more, be more active."