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Hometown Hero: Murphy Says He's Ready and Able To Help Nets Win

Fresh from vacation in Hawaii, Troy Murphy was still excited to be home Thursday...and showing off a Nets uniform.

"This is the team I watched growing up as a kid,” said Murphy.

The Sparta native who was All-State at Delbarton couldn't have sounded more positive, a distinct contrast to last year's press conference that welcomed Courtney Lee.  He also joked that this isn't the first time he's been "coached" by Avery Johnson.

"He always knew what we were doing," Murphy said of their time together at Golden State as players. "And why we were doing it. He had some suggestions on different things to do and a lot of them made sense."

Billy King emphasized Murphy isn't a one-year rental. "We don't look at this for just one year. At the end of this year, we'll sit down and discuss another contract." As for trade speculation re: Carmelo Anthony,  King was mum.  Asked if this was the final roster, he answered, "Think so. I'm planning on going on vacation Monday but I do have a cell phone."