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Nets Spent $185,000 to Sign May, Zoubek, Uzoh

The Nets have paid out $185,000 in partial contract guarantees to Sean May, Brian Zoubek and Ben Uzoh, according to ShamSports, which tracks NBA salaries. It's the first time since 2007 the Nets agreed to give players with non- guaranteed deals "partial salary protection". The Nets gave Robert Hite $20,000 in 2007.

According to ShamSports, the Nets have given May $100,000; Zoubek $50,000 and Uzoh $35,000.  May was a free agent, Zoubek and Uzoh undrafted rookies. The contracts will become guaranteed only if the players make the team's final roster.  The amounts of the guarantees remain on the salary cap even if they're cut.