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Mannix: 'Melo Open to Nets Deal

Sports Illustrated's Chris Mannix reports Carmelo Anthony may prefer New York, but he's open to signing a multi-year deal with either the Nets or the Rockets.

"Multiple league sources familiar with his situation told that Anthony would also be open to signing a long-term deal with Houston or New Jersey should either of those teams offer the Nuggets an acceptable trade package, Mannix reported Wednesday afternoon. He added, "In Denver, there is no urgency to make a deal quickly."

There's been mostly silence on the Nets' side of the river about any of this. Billy King says he won't talk about it all, can't actually because of tampering concerns.  Others in the front office will only say, "we have a lot of offer". 

Will the Nets make a call? Of course. A Knick official admits their best chance would come in free agency because if there's open bidding for the 6'9" forward, at least 22 teams will call. The likelihood is a lot of them will offer better assets than Eddy Curry, Danilo Gallinari and a 2014 first rounder.