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Post-Trade Analysis: All Good News for the Nets

The basketball pundits are having their say on Wednesday's big four-team, five player deal, and they mostly think it was a big win for the Nets...and for some of the team's players, both old and new.

Kelly Dwyer of Yahoo! Sports gushes, "It turns out that [Billy] King, the much-beleaguered former 76ers boss, actually ran out of the gate with a fantastic move for his new team."  Dwyer likes the deal for a lot of reasons: Troy Murphy's expiring contract is one but he also likes the way the 6'11" forward fits into Avery Johnson's system. "Stick this guy in a pick-and-roll game with Devin Harris? With a coach that doesn't mind a big power forward launching from deep? Sounds too good to be true."

Bradford Doolittle of Basketball Prospectus is similarly optimistic: "First, [Murphy] will give new coach Avery Johnson a floor-spacing big man to deploy alongside center Brook Lopez, a role Yi Jianlian was unable to hold down last season. Murphy's presence also means that Johnson won't have to rush raw rookie Derrick Favors into a role that he's not ready for."

Alex Raskin of HoopsWorld thinks with the trade, the Nets have a lot more weapons: "With Murphy and Travis Outlaw spreading the floor, and Terrence Williams and Harris penetrating from the perimeter, Brook Lopez should have his best year as a professional."