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Derrick Favors' Summer To-Do List

The Nets' trade for Troy Murphy raises questions about Derrick Favors' immediate future.  Billy King's opening line in his conference call with beat writers said as much: "I think Derrick Favors is going to be an all-star down the road. I think he has unbelievable upside but I felt we were still a little thin at the power forward position."

Tellingly (defensively?) King mentioned Favors first, Murphy second.  Expect a lot more discussion of Favors' readiness or "raw-ness" over the coming days and weeks.  Devin Kharpertian of Nets Are Scorching provides two video tutorials on the subject, one on Favors' pluses and minuses, the other on how Georgia Tech's offensive deficiencies didn't help Favors' development.

Bottom line is that there's plenty of promise to be excited about but there's plenty of work between here and there as well.