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ESPN "Minds" Mostly Ignore Nets in Forecasts

They are the "best basketball minds" at ESPN, the 93 people polled for ESPN's off-season forecasts.  Problem is this off-season doesn't seem to end and as this week proved, major changes can still affect teams, whether it's a four-team trade or a new brain trust in Philadelphia.

That aside, ESPN's forecasts of conference standings, best and worst newcomers, most eager to see had little Nets interest.  As previously reported, the "minds" placed the Nets in a last-place tie with Toronto in the East; but also gave Derrick Favors one vote in the Rookie of the Year forecast and two votes as Worst Newcomer.  Travis Outlaw's five year, $35 million contract got him three votes in the Worst Newcomer category, tied for eighth. There's more to come.