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For Houston, the Trade Was About Lee

Details keep dribbling in on the Nets big off-season move.  Trade talks had been going on for a week before the four teams signed off on Wednesday, with the Hornets initiating talks and Pacers pushing it hardest.  The Nets and Rockets were then recruited to join in.

Also, Daryl Morey, the Rockets' well-respected GM, told the Houston Chronicle that Courtney Lee was the critical element in their participation in the deal. 

"We really like him," said Morey. "He's a really balanced player defensively at two spots, maybe three. He's a very good cutter, a very good shooter and has a very high basketball IQ."

Lee told the Chronicle his move to Houston gives him an opportunity to get back to the Finals. "My first year, we went to Finals and I got that taste in my mouth. I want that again."