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Nets File for Name Change, But...

New Jersey Nets
New Jersey Nets

As first reported--or at least translated--on NetsDaily, the Nets have applied to the NBA for a name change, but the application does not specify what name the team will take once it moves to Brooklyn.

Mikhail Prokhorov told Forbes Russia that documents had been sent to the NBA, but Brooklyn Sports and Entertainment spokesman Barry Baum tells AP they were filed earlier this week.  Under league rules, teams must inform the NBA offices of any proposed change to the team's name, uniform, colors, etc. more than two years before the proposed move.

There has been speculation, fueled by Prokhorov, that the team may replace "Nets" with a new name, but the team would have to file paperwork just to change the team name to "Brooklyn Nets" or "New York Nets".  The Nets have long held the trademarks on both names...and Brett Yormark told Seth Everett of ESPN that "in short order we'll certainly come out with a final statement regarding what the name of the team will be."

And WNYC reports that Prokhorov might use "New York" in a new name.  Last October, the Nets quietly agreed "to play all of its home games using a name that incorporates the words ‘New York’ or ‘Brooklyn,’ unless otherwise agreed to in writing by ESDC." Brooklyn Boro President Marty Markowitz said he was unaware of the agreement.