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Nets Get Troy Murphy for Courtney Lee in Four-Team Deal

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The Nets have completed a four-team trade that sends Courtney Lee to the Rockets and brings Sparta native Troy Murphy to New Jersey. The deal was approved by the league offices at around 3 p.m. after being in the works for a week.

Besides the Nets and Pacers, the Rockets and Hornets were involved in the deal.  James Posey and Darren Collison go to the Pacers while Trevor Ariza heads to the Hornets. ESPN's Chad Ford broke the story.

The 6'11" Murphy is one of the game's top three point shooters from the four spot, with a career percentage of 39.4%.  With the addition of Murphy, Travis Outlaw, Anthony Morrow, Jordan Farmar and Damion James, the Nets have the potential to become one of the league's top three point shooting teams.

"I'm excited about playing for the up-and-coming Nets and coach Avery Johnson," Murphy said. "I enjoyed my time in Indiana, but it's time to move on."

The trade, the first under King, will reduce the Nets' cap space by $10 million to about $4.3 million. Murphy, who has an expiring contract, makes $11.9 million this season while Lee, still on his rookie contract, makes $1.4 million. However, with Murphy, Kris Humphries and Quinton Ross' contracts expiring at the end of the season, the Nets could have more than $20 million in cap space come July.