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Nets Holding On To Hayes' Rights, but Why?

Keyon Dooling and Tony Battie have signed with the Bucks and 76ers, but the rest of the Nets 2010 free agents --Bobby Simmons, Trenton Hassell, Josh Boone, Chris Quinn and Jarvis Hayes-- are sitting by the phone.

As Dave D'Alessandro reported, the Nets have renounced their rights to all but Hayes, which raises the question, why?  The Nets aren't saying publicly but there are a couple of possibilities: the most likely is that Hayes is the most salable commodity and in a sign-and-trade for a power forward he gives them additional flexibilty.  The other possibility, once raised by Fred Kerber, is that the Nets might look to re-sign Hayes, who turned 29 Monday.  Hanging on to Hayes' rights costs them nothing other than a $2.9 million "cap hold", which goes away when he signs.  

Meanwhile, Hayes has been working out as well as working the phones.  He told his brother's Georgia State team Tuesday that "I usually shoot twice a day, and in each session, I have to make 500 shots."