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Morrow Latest Net to Start Charity

Anthony Morrow recently became the latest Net to set up a charitable foundation. He joins Devin Harris, Travis Outlaw, Jordan Farmar and Sean May in both giving and raising funds for their favorite charities.

And on Saturday, he'll show his commitment by helping pass out 2,000 book bags filled with donated school supplies to children in need at the local YMCA, part of a city wide effort he's contributing to.

For Morrow, a Charlotte product, it will help fulfill an ambition.  "I take great pride in giving back to the community where I grew up," said Morrow. "I've always admired and appreciated people who do the same thing to give back."

The Net players' charitable giving includes running basketball camps for the underserved (Harris, May and Farmar); helping children with life-threatening diseases (Farmar, Outlaw and Harris); and supporting local Boys and Girls Clubs (Outlaw) and Big Brothers, Big Sisters (Harris). The Nets have their own foundation as well.