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Can Harris Return to 08-09 Form?

Starting with an early season game against the Pistons when he scored 38 points, Devin Harris ruled the 2008-09 season. No more a complementary player on offense, Harris reeled off some memorable games: 47 points against the Suns, 41 against the Mavericks and that impossible half-court heave (and 39 points) against the 76ers. His All-Star recognition was deserved and he barely missed being the NBA's Most Improved Player.

Last year, he was hurt early and like everyone else got caught up in the losing and the lost season. Sebastian Pruiti of NBA Playbook diagnoses what went wrong with Harris' game last season and how he can bounce back...and bring the Nets along with him on that bounce.

Aside from teaming up with his old coach, Avery Johnson, Harris will benefit from a number of changes with the Nets, including the running game, the addition of three point shooters and internal improvement from young players.  The defense, at which he used to excel, is his responsibility, Pruiti writes.