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For HoopsWorld, Nets Are Mostly About Hope

Call it a discussion or an analysis, but HoopsWorld's report on the Nets prospects suggests things might get better next season, but they aren't making predictions about the record...yet.

There are hopeful signs, HoopsWorld reports, like the building of a younger, more athletic and a lot hungrier bench, but there remain questions about experience, rebounding and scoring...not to mention Brook Lopez's attitude.

Specifically, Alex Raskin expects more from Devin Harris after his off year, which certainly would fit with Avery Johnson's thinking. But he also suggests that Terrence Williams is the likely starter at the SF, when Johnson has said TWill is "definitely not a 3... I'm leaning to 1-2 or 2-1 with Terrence."

Similarly, Raskin thinks Travis Outlaw--the Nets' biggest open market free agency signing in the Thorn Era--will be consigned to the bench, to back up both forward positions.  Again, that's in spite of  a Johnson's comment: "with all the big boys coming off the board, Travis was the best available 3 man" in free agency. 

"The bottom line is players will be held accountable for their effort. No longer will Vandeweghe be around to gloss over the ugly truth in the post game press conference," Raskin concludes. "Johnson won't be too shy to name names if someone isn't exerting himself."