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Thomas Re-Signs With Charlotte

The Nets had to be doubly relieved by Derrick Favors' performance in the Summer League Friday.  Not only did he look like the guy they thought they have drafted.  He also may be the guy they will have to rely on.  Tyrus Thomas, the otherworldly athlete they had targeted, re-signed with the Bobcats, leaving them with Favors and Kris Humphries as the only power forwards on the roster. 

Bobcasts owner Michael Jordan decided to give the 6'10" Thomas the same deal the Nets were offering him: a front-loaded five-year $40 million deal with a 17.5% signing bonus. The deal will pay the 23-year-old $12 million this year.  The Nets decided not to get into a bidding war with Bobcats, ending their pursuit of Thomas on Friday morning.

The Nets will now move on, but the pickings sure are slim.  Other than Udonis Haslem, who appears ready to re-sign with the Heat (and is 30 years old), the rest of the field is populated by lesser lights like Brian Cardinal, Al Harrington, Leon Powe, Matt Bonner, Craig Smith, etc.