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Orlando Summer League Game 5 - Nets v. Celtics - Friday, July 9, 12:00

The young Nets could wind up with a winning record in the summer league if they can beat Boston Friday.  The Nets are 2-2 after Thursday's blowout loss to the Jazz, but have a chance against the Celtics, who don't have a first rounder on their roster.

The two most impressive Nets in Orlando, Terrence WIlliams and Damion James (the only James the Nets will get this off-season), were both banged up at the end of Thursday's game, with James' wrist seeming to be worse than TWill's calf.  There's no indication they won't play but in the summer league, caution often rules. 

For the Celtics, Notre Dame's Luke Harangody and Turkish center Semih Erden form a rough-and-ready front court. Boston also feature Nets summer league favorite Jaycee Carroll and Jersey native Ryan Thompson.