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Front-Load or Trade: Nets Want Tyrus Thomas; Jordan Farmar Too?

Call it a risk or a hope, or maybe both, but the Nets seem ready to offer big bucks, almost certainly more than the $35 million they gave Travis Outlaw, to Tyrus Thomas.

Reports Friday morning had the Nets ready to either ship some second round picks to Charlotte for the 6'10" PF or front load a contract offer to scare the Bobcats into letting him go.  No one has yet reported how much the Nets might give Thomas, but expect it to be more than his $6.26 million qualifying offer.

Thomas' agent said Thursday he was dealing with interest from multiple teams, but one of them, the Timberwolves, are almost certainly out of it, having traded for Michael Beasley

Meanwhile, multiple reports have the Nets talking with Jordan Farmar of the LakersRaymond Felton reportedly is not interested in being Devin Harris' backup. The Thomas and Farmar signings, if they occur, would give the Nets 13 players, all but two with guaranteed deals. All would be under 30.