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The Man Most Mentioned - Tyrus Thomas

Word is out: The Nets are indeed interested in Tyrus Thomas, the 6'10" PF who was loved coming out of Louisiana State, drafted second, then fell out of favor.

Every beat writer as well as Adrian Wojnarowski has mentioned him as "Plan C" in the hunt for a veteran big man, citing Nets sources.  Woj notes that Thomas has always intrigued Rod Thorn.

Still only 23, Thomas has disappointed in his four-year NBA career, with critics accusing him of "floating in and out of games" and being a "head case". Still, he averaged 10 and 6 in 22 minutes for the Bobcats last season, mostly off the bench.  In the 'Cats last playoff game vs. the Magic, he had 21 points, 9 rebounds, but also five fouls, in 29 minutes.

How much might he cost the Nets?  He has a qualifying offer of $6.26 million so expect a starting salary in excess of that.   A couple of writers have suggested the Nets might front-load their contract offer so that Bobcats, who hold his rights, won't match.  Under league rules, the Nets could offer Thomas a signing bonus equal to 17.5% of the total contract plus agree to pay him his first year salary upfront. Should the Nets want to avoid waiting a week for the 'Cats to decide, they could also trade for him.

How does Avery Johnson feel about him? They're both from Louisiana.