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Powell: Nets Grabbed the Big (Russian) Free Agent

Remain calm, says columnist Shaun Powell is telling Nets fans.  The Nets have made the biggest free agent signing this off-season, he writes.

He's 6'9" and plays O...for owner...Mikhail Prokhorov.

"He means more to the Nets than anyone," writes Powell on Wednesday, as fan pessimism reached new heights.. "He's the only person who can steer the franchise through a tricky journey that will take the Nets from East Rutherford to Brooklyn, with a connection in Newark. The new owner has the goods -- meaning money -- to give the Nets a respectable future, assuming he has a sound philosophy in place before they cross the Brooklyn Bridge...and it's more realistic than getting LeBron."

It's going to be a gradual process, he suggests, and offers some recommendations for the future: let Derrick Favors grow, hire a competent general manager, accept that you might be in the lottery next June and don't overpay.