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Bosh and Wade to Miami

Mikhail Prokhorov was right. Chris Broussard reported Wednesday morning that Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade will both be members of the Miami Heat next season.It's unknown whether Bosh is going to the Heat via a sign-and-trade deal, but "he's definitely going to Miami," Broussard's source said.

With Bosh and Wade headed to Miami (which still has significant cap space left over), the Nets await the outcome of LeBron James' statement Thursday night. Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted Wednesday that "Official with team that made a formal presentation to LeBron James tells Y! Sports: 'It's down to Cleveland or Miami for him.'" Chad Ford added that Bosh, James and Wade discussed the possibility of James joining the other two in Miami over a conference call early Wednesday morning.

With Bosh in Miami and Amare Stoudemire in New York, expect bidding for David Lee and Carlos Boozer to heat up. There's no longer any need for the Nets to hold on to the possibility of signing two players to maximum contracts.  Other than James, all the players likely to warrant max contracts are now off the board.