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Felton, Farmar On Nets' Radar

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Nothing gets done until the Big Three make their choices, but reports Tuesday indicate the Nets like both Raymond Felton and Jordan Farmar for back-up point guard, and would prefer to use Terrence Williams in more of a handyman role. 

Both Adrian Wojnarowski and Sam Amick report the Nets, along with the Heat and Knicks  have interest --"strong interest," says Woj--in Felton, while Dave D'Alessandro reported in another story Tuesday that the team sees Farmar as "one of the three best points out there."

For their careers, Felton has averaged 13.3 ppg and 6.1 apg, Farmar 6.9 and 2.1.

Dave D also suggests the Nets like TWill's versatility and so are looking for point guards to back up Devin Harris.