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Bosh Willing to Team with LeBron in New Jersey?

Ken Berger reports while Chris Bosh is not enthusiastic about teaming up with LeBron James in Cleveland, he "is more likely to sign off on a scenario that lures James out of Cleveland to the Nets, Bulls or Heat." Chad Ford suggests the same in a tweet: "LeBron & Bosh want to play together. Bron would prefer Cleveland. Bosh prefers Chi, Mia or NJ. Who persuades who?"

Berger explains that key to Bosh's decision is the willingness of a team to do a sign-and-trade with the Raptors. A sign-and-trade would permit him to pocket $30 million more over six years than he could get over five years in a straight signing.

"If LeBron went to New Jersey, he'd consider that," Berger's source said of Bosh. "It's too late for New York. He wants to play with LeBron if LeBron leaves, but not necessarily in Cleveland."

Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo has suggested he would like to take away multiple draft pick and a large salary exception in any deal.  The Nets have eight picks--three firsts and five seconds--in the next two drafts, more than any other team. While there has been some speculation that the Raptors might want Derrick Favors as well, the Nets are unlikely to part with him, particularly because some in the organization believe he can be as good as Bosh "by year three."