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ESPN Leak Reveals Prokhorov Plan

ESPN's Chris Broussard has obtained notes from a Nets conference call in which Mikhail Prokhorov reveals what he thinks will happen with the Big Three of free agency and how the Nets can win a titile in two years.

The conference call took place before Prokhorov hopped on his Gulfstream V and headed for Izmir, Turkey on Saturday. It shows the Nets owner fully engaged in the process. Representatives from the team and Onexim participated in the call

According to Broussard:

--Prokhorov believes Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will play for the Heat next season and if they can entice LeBron James to come with them, it's a guarantee of at least "two or three" NBA titles, but would diminish the LeBron "brand".

--Prokhorov believes the hometown ties of  Cleveland is a big obstacle for other teams to overcome but that the Bulls, Knicks and Clippers don't offer much difference as far as winning a championship.

--As for the Nets chances, Prokhorov believes would give James "the best opportunity to build a dynasty, become a champion and emerge as a global icon". To assure James of winning, Prokhorov said the Nets would pursue a trade for Chris Paul. In that case, the Nets could win a championship in two years.

If the Nets land James alone, Broussard writes, he wants them to sign either Carlos Boozer or David Lee to play beside him. As the veterans lead the Nets to the playoffs, he expects the club's young talent, most notably rookie lottery pick Derrick Favors, to grow and develop their games.