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Still in One Game, Planning Others

The Nets believe they're "in the game" for LeBron James but while waiting for his answer they've begun planning for the next one. That likely translates to Carlos Boozer or David Lee, but that if that plan  also fails, Rod Thorn may push for Tyrus Thomas, the talented but troubled Bobcats' 6'10" PF.

Al Iannazzone writes that while Rod Thorn keeps in regular contact with James' agents--and those of Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, he's also talking to reps for Lee and Boozer. And Adrian Wojnarowski reports the team's back-up to the back-up could be a front-loaded offer for Thomas.

Others, including Richard Jefferson, Raymond Felton, Jordan Farmar, Randy Foye even Joe Alexander, could also be part of Plan "B". 

And Plan "C"?  "They would plan to build around center Brook Lopez assemble a competitive team and be smart with their money," writes Iannazzone. One building block: Derrick Favors, who they believe could be as good as Bosh or Amare Stoudemire in two years. They're unlikely to move him unless someone offers them an "all-Star".