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Ratner: Kiki's Ouster Handled Badly

Bruce Ratner tells Ric Bucher that he isn't happy with the way Mikhail Prokhorov dumped Kiki Vandeweghe back in May.  Ratner, who remains a minority shareholder in the Nets, didn't openly criticize Prokhorov but made it clear he's unhappy.

"He didn't go out the way he should have," Ratner said of Vandeweghe. "The team is in a really good position and he was instrumental in putting it there."

Ratner said he was concerned because the team has already lost Vandeweghe and is now about to lose Rod Thorn. Vandeweghe, Ratner told Bucher, hurt himself by agreeing to be "a good soldier" and serve as interim coach after the team started 0-18.

"There was no upside," Ratner says.