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As Holiday Weekend Winds Down, Rumor Mill Winds Up

It was a day without real LeBron James developments...well, there is the Knicks' imminent agreement with Amare Stoudemire, but no one's saying how much if any advantage that gives the Knicks.

Otherwise, he was seen wearing a Yankee cap, which  maybe signifies a preference for a New York team; pundits claimed the Nuggets would be forced  to trade Carmelo Anthony because he's going to the Knicks anyway (No, we won't, said a Nugget official) and Knick officials confided in sports writers that the only reason the Nets are still in it is because LeBron doesn't want to offend his pal, Jay-Z.

One thing does appear correct: there's no word, no real indication of where the reigning MVP is headed.  Sure, various sources say James has the Nets in his top three, but again, he's not saying a word. Some are looking for clues in his past statements. So the Nets wait. They haven't asked for a second meeting with James, says Rod Thorn.  Bottom line: Thorn says nothing has changed and the Nets are waiting for the two-time MVP to decide.  Expect further developments.