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It's All New! Whew!

ESPN is out with its annual Ultimate Standings which ranks the 122 pro sports franchises by a number of metrics, incuding "stadium experience", "ownership", "coaching", "affordability", etc.  Unfortunately for the Nets, the data is from last year, when "It was All Old!"  Now, "It's All New!" Whew!

The bad news: the Nets ranked 118th. The good news: 1) Mikhail Prokhorov; 2) the Knicks finished 119th. YES!

Not surprising, the old ownership and old coach (that would be you, Kiki) ranked 121th...or next to last; and the IZOD ranked 119th. The only thing that saved the Nets? Affordability. The team ranked 82nd. For those who think the IZOD was the pits, ESPN says head for Long Island and Nassau Coliseum. It ranks dead last. 

As for the worst pro sports franchise, the one whose owner was worse than Ratner? Ladies and Gentlemen, your Los Angeles Clippers!