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Orlando Summer League Game 1 - Nets vs. 76ers - Monday, July 5, 7:00

Enough of this waiting! There's basketball to be played!

The Nets take to the court at the Magic's RDV Center Monday at 7 p.m. They'll be facing the 76ers in a match of the #2 and #3 draft choices in last month's Draft: Evan Turner and Derrick Favors.  It's also likely to be a faceoff between Turner and Terrence Williams.

The Nets are expected to start TWill at SG along with the four rookies under contract: Favors at PF, Damion James at SF, Ben Uzoh at PG and Brian Zoubek at C.

Williams knows this could be the start of something special, something personal. 

"Hopefully here, in the beginning, I can start off playing to show what I’m capable of doing," Williams said. "And it starts in the summer League practices, it starts in the Summer league games. Popeye and these guys haven’t seen me up close, so it’s kind of like proving myself all over again."