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King Learned at Feet of Hoop Gurus

He learned his craft on the bench next to Larry Brown and in Donnie Walsh's office in Indiana, moved to Philly and spent time working for Pat Croce and ultimately became Brown's boss.  Billy King's career has been in the pro grame for 17 years and he's picked up a lot from the game's legends.

Now, after a tumultuous time with the 76ers (see Iverson, Allen) and two years out of the NBA, King is back. At 44, he's still one of the league's younger GM's but claims the lessons he's learned have given him both the experience and patience he needs to survive and flourish with the Nets.  He's looking forward to working with Avery Johnson.

Controversial in Philly for giving out mega contracts to mediocre players, he also had an underappreciated eye for overlooked talent, drafting Todd MacCulloch, Kyle Korver, Willie Green and Louis Williams deep in the second round and discovering an undrafted Raja Bell.