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The Gulfstream Has Left New Jersey

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There may or may not be anything to read into it, but Mikhail Prokhorov's Gulfstream V left Teterboro Airport a little after 7 p.m. on Saturday, heading for Izmir, Turkey. The Aegean coast near Izmir is one of Prokhorov's favorite vacation spots...and where he also plans to build a 7-star, $60 million resort complex. A spokesman had no comment about Prokhorov's plans.

Prokhorov's departure puts both members of the Nets' "Blueprint for Greatness" in Europe.  Jay-Z left Thursday for a concert tour.  Before the Gulfstream headed east, Prokhorov reportedly told employees of a Midtown eatery that the Nets' chances of getting Lebron James are "50-50".

James concluded his meetings a few hours earlier in Cleveland, and the Nets are still on hold, waiting for word from James before they meet with Carlos Boozer or David Lee, who visited Minnesota on Saturday.

Chris Broussard reiterated that LeBron's team is telling people the  Nets had made the best presentation and added that Chris Bosh's top priority is playing with James in either Chicago or New Jersey. But like others, Broussard said there is no timetable for James' decision...although Prokhorov reportedly said he expects to hear on Monday.