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James Shows Off His Range

Damion James had a red sleeve protecting his sore elbow at summer league practice Saturday, but it didn't effect his shooting.  Although James gets just due for his scoring (18.0 a game) and rebounding (10.2 and the most boards in Big 12 history) at Texas, he also has a stroke. Over four years, he shot 36.4% from 3-point range, upping it to 38.3% this season.

He's already comfortable in the corners and all he needs is confidence elsewhere along the perimeter, says Popeye Jones.  James wants you to know he can shoot. "You checked that out, didn’t you?" James told Ben Couch who watched him put away a few from the corner. "Put that out on the Internet – that thing is wet, real talk! On the real, it’s getting there. I’ve just got to continue working on it. But it’s looking good."