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Who Makes Money, Gets Value from LeBron

All this talk about how much money LeBron James can make going forward got CNBC's Darren Rovell thinking: who stands to make the most money from LeBron?

One big winner would be the Nets (but not as big as the Knicks).  Another would be Prudential, which holds naming rights for "The Rock".  There'd be a lot more mentions of the big financial services company on national television with LeBron in the house.

Rovell also lays out The King's ticket-selling prowess.  In the 48 hours after the Bulls dealt Kurt Hinrich and a pick to the Wizards, clearing (nearly) enough space for two max free agents, anticipation of a hoops coup led to the sale of 1,500 new season tickets.  The Knicks have sold 3,400 new season tickets, the Nets half that.