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They're In It To Win It ... All of It

LeBron James will have his final meetings with suitors Saturday when the hometown Cavaliers and the Bulls lay out their presentations. Meanwhile, back in New Jersey, the Nets remain confident they have done all they can and say they're in it to win it. This isn't about settling for scraps.

"We're trying to get the top guys," Thorn said. "That was our plan and that's what we're trying to do. Until we're told otherwise, that we're not in the running or don't have a chance, that's who we're after."

If that sounds very un-Net-like, you're right.  There is a new swagger, reflecting the mindset of the guy at the top of corporate pyramid.  Ask Avery Johnson. "We’re the new Nets," Johnson said. "We’re leaving the old behind and we’re in with the new. Hopefully LeBron is going to be a part of that."  Asked on a scale of 1 to 10, where he thinks the Nets sit right now, ""1 to 10? After what I saw, I would hope it's an...8."

Meanwhile, the Nets, along with other teams, don't seem too fazed by the Knicks' $100 million offer to Amare Stoudemire. The contract can't be insured because of his knee and eye issues and they increasingly believe they have the next Amare in Derrick Favors anyway.  And while they have no meetings set with David Lee or Carlos Boozer, they are talking to their agents.

And if they're looking for any encouragement, Chris Broussard tweets this Saturday morning: "I hear that heading into Saturday, New Jersey had made the most impressive pitch to LeBron thus far."