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Derrick Favors Finds His Father

Early in the Orlando Summer League, a representative of FanHouse gave Derrick Favors a packet.  Inside were photos of the father he never knew, from his days as a player for St. Louis University and from this year, as well as a sealed letter from Johnnie Parker, which included his contact information.

Until that moment, Derrick Favors, then 18 years old, had no idea who his father was: no name, no background, no suggestion that his father played power forward in college or is 6'8".

Parker and Favors' mother had had an affair when the two worked for Eastern Airlines in Atlanta in the early 1990's. After Eastern went under in 1991, the two lost touch and Favors was born to an unwed mother.  Now Parker, who had another son play professionally in Europe, wants to see his biological son, but won't press it.  He understands the suspicions that the woman who raised his son--and well--has about him.

Chris Tomasson of FanHouse reports on the extraordinary tale...and the Nets hopes for Favors.