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Is Jay-Z Upset with LeBron? Mikhail?

Picking up on internet rumors that Jay-Z's friendship with LeBron James is in tatters, the Daily News suggests that indeed the rap mogul is upset with "the King", but not because he didn't sign with the Nets.  No, reports the News, Jay-Z realized James wouldn't want to play in Newark. He just wanted to be "consulted".  Jay-Z's real animus, says the News quoting an "NBA insider", should be with Mikhail Prokhorov who the insider believes "overpromoted and overmarketed" the team's prospects then "couldn't deliver".

It does appear the Nets relationship with the minority investor Jay-Z is fine.  Last week, Brett Yormark told that the Nets are marketing 11 premium suites at Barclays Center as "The Jay-Z Suites".