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Favors Surprised at How Strong He Is But Wants to Get Stronger

It's fair to say that Derrick Favors is, as the old saying goes, growing into his body.

Asked by the Nets'  Ben Couch what surprised him about his play in the summer league, the rookie replied, "Just how strong I was. I didn’t know I was that strong quite yet."  Still, he said strength is an issue he still has to work on, among others: "That I need to work a little harder, in the post, on all things. Get a little stronger."

He added that after his last summer league game (23 points and 11 rebounds), he learned a bit about learning. "I didn’t come in expecting to dominate off the top. I had to get used to it, get a feel for the game. I feel like I gained a lot in Summer League."

On Tuesday night, Favors, Damon James and Terrence Williams all headed out to Las Vegas for the Tim Grgurich camp, an annual summer event for some 60 NBA players and rookies to be.  Also on hand, a lot of NBA coaches and GM's but no agents or media.