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KD Recruits TWill, Morrow for Kicks

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It's a big deal in the world of Twitter and sneakers.

Shortly before 4 p.m., Kevin Durant tweeted, "I want a group of guys to wear my shoes this year, I'm thinkin anthony morrow, terrance williams, nate rob, guys like that..who yall think?"

Whoa, two Nets get invites to wear KDthunderup's sneakers!?  The response from Charlotte (Morrow) and East Rutherford (TWill) was quick.

"I def would rock your shoes, it would be an honor bro", tweeted Williams, later adding, "Well I think @kdthunderup being one of theee best it would be a honor age or not, so I say yes to his shoes, so go cop em"

Morrow, whose tweets we've noticed are quite efficient, didn't hesitate either. "I'm on deck," he replied.

Seems like a done deal, with KD closing out the day by tweeting TWill his thanks, "I appreciate u bro...wateva u need u kno I'm just a phone call away"