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Aldridge: Nets Had 14th Best Off-Season, Because...


By our calculations, there's still eight more weeks in the off-season (then pre-season begins with training camp). 

Still, David Aldridge figures with all the big names and many of the small names in free agency gone, the summer leagues finished, it's a good time to rank all 30 NBA teams.

Aldridge ranks the Nets at No. 14, which sounds high until you look at his methodology.  It's not because of their free agent sucdess, which he distains as a "big time" swing and miss, or their draft, which he likes because of the "loads of promise" Derrick Favors brings.  No, he likes it because of what happened on May 12, when Mikhail Prokhorov was approved as owner.  It's all about the Big Russian, thinks Aldridge.

"It's his show," writes Aldridge. "his group that is now running the day-to-day operations in Jersey, his energy and his money that have created buzz. (and) it's Prokhorov who has to ultimately make the move meaningful by creating a winning organization."