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James: "I Expect Recognition... I Put Hard Work In"

There will be no false modesty from Damion James.  Asked by the Nets' Ben Couch how he felt about making the first team All-Summer League, James replied, "Those are things I expect. I put hard work in."

That was just one insight into James' personality.

"They’re looking for me to come in and play right away," he said of the coaching staff's expectations. "They’re going to use me a lot – they’re looking for me to score and be a pitbull, and that’s what I am."

James is one five Nets working out daily in East Rutherford. Beyond James, rookies Derrick Favors, Brian Zoubek and Ben Uzoh are there as is Terrence Williams, who tweets about it.

Meanwhile, Basketball Elite has posted a short interview with Favors in which he talks about the differences between the college and pro game...and how he'll be spending his first paycheck.