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Nets' Cap Space Hoard Second Biggest in NBA

How much leverage does Billy King have in making unbalanced trades? A lot. In breaking down who still has cap space, HoopsWorld reports the Nets still have the second biggest hoard as free agency winds down. 

But does it matter? Separately, HoopsWorld thinks the Nets are the off-season's biggest loser, suggesting their moves will result in  "what will likely be modest gains."

With more than $14 million (actually $14.947 million), the Nets rank second to the Kings, who still have a whopping $17 million.  Just behind the Nets are the Timberwolves with $13 million.  All told, eight teams still have cap space and half that number still have $10 million or more left.

On the other side of the ledger, the Lakers will be paying out at least $22 million in luxury tax, $1 million more than the Magic. There's also eight teams that, as of now, will have to pay the luxury tax.  Stuck in the middle, and very close to the tax, are six teams: the 76ers, Blazers, Spurs, Hornets, Buck and Pacers.  Teams in that position are often looking at unbalanced deals.