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Britons Getting Excited About Nets in London

Mikhail Prokhorov wants the Nets to be a "global brand" but with only one international player (Johan Petro) on the roster, the biggest global names on the team are the "Blueprint for Greatness" twins: Prokhorov and Jay-Z.

Still, as reported last month, the Nets are likely to be one of two NBA teams to play a regular season game overseas this season, a first.  Nothing's official, but reports keep mounting that the league's first international owner is going to be sitting courtside at London's O2 Arena between October and April. Don't be surprised if the competition is one of the league's higher profile teams. The official league schedule is due out in another two weeks and the overseas game is likely to be a big headline.

The Nets played in both London and Paris two years ago, against the Heat, a visit made memorable by Devin Harris' one-on-one matchup with British streetballer Stuart Tanner.  It's unlikely those two will match up again.