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Could Roster Imbalance Send TWill Packing?

Judging by the news this week, the Nets are still looking for a power forward to back up or fill in for Derrick Favors.  They were willing to offer Luis Scola a front-loaded, five year $55 million deal, but Scola decided to accept a smaller package from the Rockets.  At the other end of the pay scale, they were reportedly in the mix for 6'9" Laker back-up Josh Powell, who seems ready to take a vets minimum deal from the Hawks.

So once again, it's likely we'll be reading more about the value of Terrence Williams as a trade asset.  As Gregory Hrinya of the Examiner writes, Terrence WIlliams is a man without a position in a crowded backcourt.  Avery Johnson sees Williams as a "1 or a 2...definitely not a 3", limiting his versatility and minutes.

But would the Nets regret sending TWill packing? And can they live with Kris Humphries and Johan Petro holding down the fort until Favors "arrives"?  It's probably the biggest roster question the Nets have left this summer.