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Lopez's Team USA Hopes Rising

Although Brook Lopez didn't start for Team USA against a group of college all-stars, his stock continues to rise as big men continue to fall or look bad.  Mike Krzyzewski started Lamar Odom in the post and Kevin Love at forward for the senior team.  It's all about experimentation and versatility.

Team USA is expected to keep two centers.  There are only three in camp: Lopez, JaVale McGee (fresh from the summer league) and Tyson Chandler, who team officials say has been playing out of shape. Meanwhile, Lopez reports he's regained the 25 pounds he lost battling mononucleosis and is back up to 265 pounds.

Team USA will break down into a blue vs. white scrimmage, the 2010 USA Basketball Showcase, Saturday night.  It will be televised at 10 p.m. ET, on ESPN2.