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ESPN: Morrow a "Steal", Outlaw an "Overpay" in 2010 Free Agency

Maybe in the end, they even out.  ESPN has chosen one player at each position to be a "steal"  in free agency and another "overpay". Of the ten players, two are Nets: Anthony Morrow is the "steal" at shooting guard while Travis Outlaw is the "overpay" at small forward.

Of Morrow, Tony Halberstroh writes: "Did the Nets just sign the best shooter in the game for about half the price of J.J. Redick? It's certainly possible." Regarding Outlaw, he notes Outlaw "won't cripple a franchise's cap flexibility, but the length and dollars could be particularly dangerous for the rebuilding Nets organization," a seeming contradiction.  His biggest problem: Outlaw has never produced as a starter, at least offensively, averaging 12.5 ppg in 32 career starts.

Meanwhile, Alex Kennedy of HoopsWorld grades the other half of the Nets' off-season, the Orlando Summer League team.  He gives the Nets, with Terrence Williams, Derrick Favors and Damion James. a B+.