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Devin Reflects on LeBron, Mikhail, Avery and Seasons Past and Future

Devin Harris was Nets captain last season and is likely to be again this season.

So he has a unique perspective on a number of things Nets which he shared with the Madison Capital Times Wednesday while taking a group of basketball campers to the University of Wisconsin.

--On LeBron James: "Wherever Chris Bosh decided to go, I think LeBron was taking it seriously, whether it was Cleveland, Chicago or wherever."

--On Mikhail Prokhorov: who he has yet to meet: "That's the type of owner you want to play for. Teams that do well have the owners that do the necessary things to go over the top."

--On Avery Johnson: "I've matured a lot since then and I think he is coming in with a different kind of mind-set. I think it will all work out for the best...I don't think he's ever had a post threat like a Brook Lopez. I think it will be a good change of pace."

--On the coming season: "I took less time off after the season and got to work right away. Years like last year really make you focus on working extremely hard."