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Zoubek, Uzoh Among Likely Keepers

DIME's Daniel Marks writes that Brian Zoubek and Ben Uzoh are among the 10 undrafted players likely to make an NBA roster this fall...but not necessarily with Nets

Shouldn't be much of a surprise: the two are among only three undrafted players with partially guaranteed deals.

Zoubek, who DIME ranks fifth, will wind up somewhere because he was "one of the most efficient rebounders in all of college basketball last season", and rebounding translates to the NBA level. As for Uzoh, he's got "great size for a point guard and also possesses the ability to knock down the three".

Jeremy Lin, the Harvard point guard, is viewed as the most likely to make an NBA roster, following his strong summer league.  Lin is likely to sign a partially guaranteed deal this week with his hometown Warriors for more than $200,000.